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It’s difficult to imagine an industry or scenario where excellent customer service is not a priority. Whether someone is visiting a medical practice, checking in at a hotel, or just visiting a business (for any number of reasons), they expect to feel not only welcomed but also valued. In most situations, their first point of contact is going to be the front desk—and how they are greeted and assisted lets them know a lot about how much they’re valued.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the roles and responsibilities of front desk agents and receptionists and explore a third option—a virtual receptionist—as well. Let’s start simply, by defining a few key terms.

What Are the Three Duties of a Receptionist

While a receptionist’s official duties—whether in-person or virtual—vary by industry, their general responsibilities often include…

Whether a receptionist is working in-person or virtually, the point made above, about receiving and greeting visitors, applies just the same. A receptionist will also be responsible for ensuring all calls are answered, understanding what the caller needs, and either providing information or routing/forwarding their call as needed.

What Are the Most Important Front Desk Receptionist Skills?

When evaluating front desk receptionist candidates (including virtual options, if applicable), the most important and impactful receptionist skills and qualities include…

The team at Berkshire Receptionists receives industry-specific training that empowers them to seamlessly become a vital extension of your organization by providing 24/7 live virtual receptionist services.

What Is the Most Important Skill That Is Required of a Receptionist?

All things considered, empathy is the most fundamental skill required of a receptionist, whether in-house or virtual. Almost everything a front desk agent or receptionist does requires a certain amount of empathy, especially when it comes to understanding callers’ needs, relating, communicating clearly, and providing pleasant and professional service. 

Can a Virtual Receptionist Provide the Same Level of Service and Support as an In-Person Receptionist?

Short answer: Absolutely! In fact, not only can a virtual receptionist do as much (and just as well) as in-person front desk staff, virtual receptionists also provide additional benefits, such as helping an organization to…

Answer the Call with Berkshire Receptionists 

At Berkshire Receptionists, we’re ready to become a part of your team, get to know your business, and provide empathetic live virtual receptionist services. Whether your office is open or customers call in after-hours, our agents are available 24/7, so there will always be a friendly, understanding, and professional voice to greet callers and help your business develop a reputation for great service. 

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