Lead Intake Virtual Receptionist Service

Never miss an opportunity with 24/7 virtual receptionists

The concept is quite simple: more leads mean more sales and revenue. In order for any business to profit and grow, it must generate and convert leads. But what if you are generating more leads than you and your staff can keep up with?

A variety of industries partner with Berkshire Receptionists for lead intake support, including legal, real estate, and contracts. As a leading virtual receptionist service for over 80 years, our compassionate, experienced virtual receptionists are available day and night to capture leads, schedule appointments, answer questions, and log details instantly in your systems– allowing you to focus on running your business without missing any opportunities.

Virtual Receptionist

A Feature-rich Lead Intake Virtual Service

24/7 Coverage

Sometimes, the most important leads come in during non-business hours. Our smiling faces are ready day and night to manage your phones and handle your leads.

Bilingual Virtual Receptionists

We provide agents that are fluent in both English and Spanish, ensuring clear communication and great service in your caller's preferred language.

Multiple Ways to Communicate

In addition to answering your phone calls quickly, our live receptionists can respond instantly to live chats on your website to help you capture every opportunity.

5000+ Seamless Integrations

We connect with countless CRMs, appointment scheduling systems, and messaging tools that businesses use every day.

ATSI Award 17 Years in a Roll

What are the benefits of a lead intake virtual receptionist service?

Companies spend lots of time and resources on marketing but are not always able to keep up with the leads generated. Here’s how a virtual receptionist can improve your lead intake.

When you partner with a virtual call-taking service, important leads will no longer be sent to voicemail. Our virtual receptionists are available 24/7/365 to handle your regular, overflow and after-hours calls.

We understand that you and your staff are busy. A virtual receptionist frees you up to focus on top-quality leads while our live receptionists filter out unqualified leads.

Fast and repeated follow-ups are proven to increase new clients. With the extra support of a virtual receptionist, you can do just that.

Increased coverage from trained virtual receptionists ensures that no more leads slip through the cracks.

By seamlessly integrating with many CRM systems, we can provide valuable insights including which advertising methods are performing best when certain types of customers call, and much more.

Virtual Receptionists

Ready to start capturing more leads?

21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Ready to get set up with lead intake support today? Want to discuss the best service options for your business? Call us at (800) 777-9160 and one of our friendly team members will answer your questions and get you set up! We look forward to working with you!