Every virtual receptionist business operates differently. In general, modern businesses benefit from hiring a virtual receptionist, because—first and foremost—they provide an affordable and effective alternative for traditional in-house receptionists. These remote professionals also help businesses operate by providing seamless communication with customers—through handling calls, setting up appointments, and dealing with customer service questions. 

Some businesses, like Berkshire Receptionists, offer extensive services, while others are merely there to answer the phone. Our teams of virtual receptionists work 24/7 to ensure that no calls are missed and that every conversation is handled with grace and accuracy. Using our proprietary technology, our virtual receptionist teams are able to handle all inbound calls with great efficiency and professionalism. 

At Berkshire Receptionists, we specifically offer the following call services: 

  • Answering your phones
  • Speaking to your customers
  • Transferring calls
  • Taking messages 
  • Relaying messages


In addition to our 24/7 remote receptionist services, we also offer various additional services, including: 

  • Email relays
  • SMS relays
  • Disaster recovery
  • Bilingual receptionists
  • Dedicated account manager


Companies that want to maximize their front desk operations are increasingly turning to this modern solution to interacting with customers and other administrative duties. That is partially because of the financial savings any business gains through reduced in-house personnel. Plus, virtual receptionists have the flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of the business. Really, our receptionists are trained to do whatever you need in order to foster a seamless and effective customer call experience! But this isn’t all you need to know about using a virtual receptionist for a small business—read on to discover more details about how these services can best serve your company. 

Are Virtual Receptionists Worth It?

Yes, hiring a virtual receptionist company is certainly worth the money. This is especially true when you consider the cost of hiring in-house receptionist talent. According to Salary.com, the average in-house receptionist makes $39,209 annually. That’s already a lot of money, and it doesn’t account for the cost of recruiting, training, benefits, PTO, and many more incurred expenses. It’s also worth noting that this is just the average salary, a senior receptionist could be much more expensive, especially if your business operates in a state with a high cost of living.

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Conversely, it is not your responsibility to pay for a virtual receptionist salary, benefits, PTO, or any other expenses you would normally cover for an in-house employee. Instead, virtual receptionist companies charge a monthly fee and provide a whole team of 24/7 professionals who handle your inbound calls and manage other aspects of customer communications including email relays, bilingual services, and much more. For example, a starter plan from Berkshire Receptionists costs a mere $40 a month (from the time this blog was written) and provides many services including: 

  • 24/7 Live Receptionists
  • Call Transfers
  • Email Relays
  • SMS Relays
  • Secure Notifications
  • Bilingual Receptionists
  • Custom Hold Music
  • Personalized Greetings
  • Local Number
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Online Client Portal
  • Usage Report
  • Dedicated Account Manager


Simply put, by choosing a virtual receptionist service, businesses can access a team of skilled professionals who offer round-the-clock support. That’s something that would be prohibitively expensive with an in-house team. If you want to learn more, you can view all of our plans on our pricing page

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Not to mention that the benefits of using a virtual receptionist go well beyond the financial advantages. For example, customers are more satisfied—and the company’s reputation improves—when they connect with a virtual receptionist who helps them address their concerns in a timely manner as a knowledgeable and friendly professional. 

Additionally, because virtual receptionist services are so adaptable, it’s simple to scale your services. Whether it needs to go up or down in relation to a seasonal increase or decrease in call volume or overall company growth, you can change your service at any time. This way, your business will only pay for what it needs when you need it, because there are no long-term contracts. Rather, you pay for a set number of minutes on a monthly basis.

Overall, these benefits make virtual receptionists for law firms, real estate, and finance a vital tool for businesses looking to be customer-focused in a competitive business environment.

What Applications Do Receptionists Use?

At Berkshire, we pride ourselves in providing our receptionists with the tools they need to succeed and properly serve your business. Aside from our internal technology, we also have the ability to integrate with the systems you use. This allows our receptionists to seamlessly merge with your business so they can effectively act as an extension of your brand. Our integration capabilities extend to various platforms and systems, including: 

  • Calendar applications 
  • CRMs
  • Payment processing platforms
  • Business and marketing tools
  • Fundraising tools 


You can view the full list of our integrations here

Can a Receptionist Work Remotely Rather than In Person?

Yes! More often than not, a virtual receptionist can complete all of the duties an in-person receptionist does, but at a lower cost for your business. Remote receptionists, like those provided by Berkshire Receptionists, are equipped with specialized training and experience to handle the diverse needs of various industries. For example, our receptionists guarantee that they can efficiently handle complex and regulated business communications for law firms and medical practices—because of their industry-specific knowledge. 

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To put it simply, by offering quick and professional support, keyword remote receptionist services not only provide expert handling of customer calls but also build relationships with customers. That means better customer service, increased retention and loyalty, and more leads.

Does a Virtual Receptionist Work for All Industries?

If you partner with Berkshire Receptionists, we make a point to provide you with a team of remote receptionists who are trained to serve your industry. With over 500 clients, we have experience dealing with nearly every type of business. From oil suppliers to various medical practices, our receptionists are capable of managing calls from even the most complex and regulated industries. Here are just a few of our clients.

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Find the Right Virtual Receptionist for Your Business Today

Handing over your customer calls to another business can be scary but with the right partner, you will reap some serious rewards! So, if you’re wondering “What makes you unique from other virtual receptionists providers?” Well, we provide several great services and an unparalleled customer experience. From cost savings to stronger customer relationships, the Berkshire Receptionist team is here to serve your business and strengthen your communications. No more missed calls, and no more wasted time. If you’re ready to explore your options, schedule a meeting with us or simply get started today.